Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hidden Gems

     Bill Cunningham once said, "He who seeks beauty shall find it." However, it seems there is beauty behind every corner in New York City.

     Meet Iuliia Koloskova. Iuliia is an amazing spray paint artist that I happened to stumble upon during a walk down seventh avenue on this lazy Saturday. Playing upbeat music and flipping her paint cans into the air, Iuliia creates the most intricate and beautiful artwork right on the street. I stood, unable to look away, as she painted and carved images onto the page. From the looks of her work, it would appear the detail would have taken hours to perfect, yet Iuliia is able to visualize AND portray her art in three minutes flat.

     Iuliia's talent is undeniable, and her work is not only amazing, but inspiring as well. It is people like her that make me love this great big world we live in. It is a shame her talents are so unrecognized. How is it that we can make people with little to no particular talent famous, and yet the truly talented people get the short end of the stick? This, I will never understand. Although, maybe it is just meant to be. After all, finding a hidden gem makes them all the more special.


    If you want to see more of Iuliia's work, follow her on Instagram @MYSPRAYART or like her on Facebook at If you can find her on the streets, you can go home with one of her amazing paintings for only $20-30!