Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dressing in hoodies and sweatshirts for college classes? Not at Marist!

     HELLOOOO my fellow bloggers! Fashion Fox has just arrived here in the beautiful New York, and man am I getting a taste of college life! Yeah, yeah the parties are great- WHATEVER. But the STYLE is even better!
     Who says you need to go to FIT if you want to meet some serious fashion students? Pshhh! Don't make me laugh. I am attending the beautiful Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York-- a college that is well known for its elite fashion program, might I add. Yes, the only difference between here and FIT is that Marist is full of hot straight men too. ;) I'm telling you, Marist is where its at!

     Although Marist has a phenomenal fashion program, I didn't know what to expect when it came to what students were wearing on campus! While I packed my 3 suitcases to prepare for the next year I'd be spending in college, my mom explained to me that college attire is all about comfort. "Everybody wears sweats; no one ever wears heels on campus; and nobody cares what they look like." Although I told her that her wisdom was duly noted, I did not hesitate to pack all of my most fashionable outfits. All I can say is, thank god I did because I was in for a pleasant surprise when I stepped onto the Marist grounds.
     Every day as I walk to class, I am surrounded by girls my age who seem to care about their appearance as much as I do! No Toto, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore. Now you can always tell who is on the sports teams by the sport specific t-shirt and shorts that athletes wear day in and day out. Don't get me wrong-- I love the athletic look! However, if I tried to pull off the look myself, I'd probably offend someone.
     But other than these spirited athletic teams, people are dressing up for class! I am happier than a slinky on an escalator to look around and see boys in unwrinkled collared shirts, and girls in elegant maxi skirts, and even heels! Here at Marist, we care.
     Today I was walking back from class when I ran into a good friend of mine that lives on my floor. Although, instead of hearing the normal "Hey! How are you?" that we always exchange, we both looked at each other and stopped as we realized we were wearing the same exact thing. Immediately we burst into laughter. I don't even care that we were caught together in the same outfit! This girls got style! #twinning

    So as you can see, we both went for the high-waisted shorts/ tank top look on this hot August day. I love this look because its casual enough to wear to class, but it still gives off the impression that you care about your appearance! And as if this look wasn't great enough on its own, there are SO many things that you can add as a nice personal touch. If you notice on the left, she went with the statement necklace, and slicked her hair back into an elegant sock bun. Then on the right, you can see that I complimented my outfit with a cheetah print scarf; leaving my hair down, and kept out of my face with a glitzy gold headband. 
    I definitely recommend this look whether you're going to class or just to the mall! Do what we did and add some of your own style choices to make this classic look more unique! The possibilities are endless!

Want this look? Heres where you can get it!

     - Black high-waisted shorts: Charlotte Russe - $24.99
     - Cheetah Print Scarf: Charlotte Russe - $9.99
     - White tank top: Old Navy - $5.97
     - Ivory statement necklace: Francesca's - $28.00

Stay foxy ladies! It's 2013! Wearing sweatsuits to class just isn't acceptable anymore. 


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