Monday, June 23, 2014

It's All About the Hat...

     Hello my lovelies!

     So I've been meaning to write about a certain obsession of mine for awhile now. And from the looks of it... my obsession has also become an obsession of the majority population of women-- floppy hats.
     Floppy hats were really popular in the 70's and now they're back! On a hot summer day, a big ol' floppy hat is an obvious choice. Whether you wear it to the beach, or in the middle of New York City, the floppy hat can compliment just about any outfit. And that's not even the best part! While you are looking chic and sophisticated with your fab headwear, you are protecting your skin at the same time. Yeah yeah I know we all want to be tan, but at this point I'd rather embrace my natural white girl skin tone than have a wrinkly face by the age of 30.

     I don't care how old you are, what nationality you are, or what color your hair is... if you do not already have a floppy hat to put on that pretty little head of yours this summer-- BUY ONE. In any color! You can go simple with a plain tan or black floppy hat, or you could go with a belted floppy hat, or a beaded floppy hat, or a floppy hat with a scarf wrapped around it! Large or small! There are so many styles to choose from, and you can buy them pretty cheap just about anywhere.


   I bought my black floppy hat at Kohl's and I wear it nonstop. So spend the $15. It'll be worth it.

         Want some more ideas how to create your own floppy hat look? Check out these pics and share your own floppy hat style below!     

With love and hats,
 Fashion Fox

                                                                                            Photo Creds:
Stephanie Jones                                                        Jessica Harper                                                              Krista Lee
Kelly Colclasure                                                       Brittney White                                                      Mena Buscetto
                                                                                         Elena Eberwein